Nursery Rhymes Backing Tracks

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Audio CD Disk 1

Audio CD Disk 2

A service offering backing tracks for Nurseries who would like to teach Nursery Rhymes. 

Disk 1 contains -

  • Twinkle, twinkle, little star
  • Polly put the kettle on
  • If you’re happy and you know it
  • Old Macdonald had a farm
  • Baa, baa, black sheep
  • The grand old Duke of York
  • The wheels on the bus
  • Mary, Mary , quite contrary
  • Hockory, dickory, dock!
  • Incy, wincy spider

Disk 2 contains -

  • Five little men in a flying saucer
  • Ride a cock horse
  • Humpty Dumpty
  • Row, row, row your boat
  • here we go round the mulberry bush
  • One, two, three, four, five
  • Little Bo-Peep
  • Sing a song of sixpence
  • Five little speckled frogs
  • Coming round the mountain

The CDs come with the words, so the right sounds apply to the right verses!  We offer a choice of mp3 files or audio CD, either at 8 plus 1.50 P&P.

Sample Track - Mary, Mary..
Sample Track - Polly put the kettle on
Sample Track - The Grand old Duke of York

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